Multiple DSP Plugin v1.0 for Winamp

The Multiple DSP plugin is a DSP stacker. It allows Winamp to use more than one DSP plugin at a time. So if you want to use Shoutcast's DSP plugin for your online music stream and another DSP plugin to enhance the sound of your stream then you can do it.  Download the Multiple DSP Plugin for Winamp. (211 KB)


1. Specify DSP Load Order - DSP's are loaded in the order selected. So if you have 3 DSP plugins (A, B, & C) and you load C first followed by A then B, they will be processed in the same order; C 1st, A 2nd, & B 3rd.

2. Process Audio Through Multiple DSP Plugins - Very useful when you want to enhance your Shoutcast stream with another DSP plugin.

3. Source Code - That's right, the setup comes complete with the source (Delphi 5).

Future Plans:

What can you expect in future versions? As usual, that depends on you...

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