New*SpinAmp v2.0 for QCD v3.22 or higher
SpinAmp brings the best online music powered by Spinner (Radio@Netscape) to the Quintessential music player - QCD.
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1. Skinnable - As seen below, you can skin SpinAmp to match your favorite QCD skin (i.e. iTunes). See the "MLOskin.ini" file in your QCD plugin directory for more details.

2. On/Off Toggle - Use Alt+P ("P" is the default letter) from QCD to toggle SpinAmp's visibility. You can also use QCD's main menu or system tray menu as seen below:

3. Version Check - Not only does this keep your SpinAmp up-to-date, but more importantly it keeps your Spinner info up-to-date. What does "keeps your Spinner info up-to-date" mean? Well as of August 2002, Spinner has been replaced by Radio@Netscape. To keep up with this migration, SpinAmp now has a way to change vital information so that you will never have to go without your daily fix of music.

4. Transparency - SpinAmp goes ghost-like. If you have Windows 2000 or XP you'll be able to set the opacity in SpinAmp (from SpinAmp hit CTRL+O or click "Set Opacity" from SpinAmp's main menu).

5. Randomly Play Favorites - Right click the system tray icon or on the SpinAmp window to bring up the popup menu in 3 above, then click Randomly Play Favorites (playback will begin - NO need to press play). *WARNING: This feature is addictive... keeps Spinner fresh & new.

6. Favorite Groups - No longer are you limited to just one group of your favorite channels. Now you can have as many groups of favorites as you want. Just right click on the Favorites combobox and you can add/remove a group, switch between groups, and rename groups.

7. Favorites Selector - Add your favorite channels to the favorites combobox, to do this click on the Favorites Selector button and check the channels that you want to appear in the favorites combobox. When you are finished click on the Favorites Selector button again. Now you will be able to easily find your favorite channel.

8. Favorites Playlist - Right click the Favorites Selector to see a list of the currently playing songs & the next 2 artists on your favorite channels. If you see a song you want to listen to in this list, click it and SpinAmp will change to that song's channel and play it.

9. Song Notes - Lets you "bookmark" your favorite songs. Left click the Notes button to add songs to your Song Notes. Right clicking the Notes button brings up a menu that allows you to: Buy the CD, Get Artist Info, Delete a Note, and Dump your Song Notes to a text file.

10. Retrieve Channel Info - Right click on a channel to display the current channels description, now playing info, and next two artists.

11. Auto Reconnect - When your ISP &/or Spinner disconnect, SpinAmp will automatically try to reconnect.

12. Update Channels - Now when you update SpinAmp's channels you will know exactly what was updated.

13. Ad Break - You can hide the Spinner ad for a moment by pressing down on the SpinAmp logo. When you let go of the mouse button the ad will reappear so that you can click on it to support the good people at Spinner who bring you great music for free!

Future Plans:

What can you expect in future versions? As usual, that depends on you...

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