New*Shoutcast Lister v1.03 for Winamp v2.6x or higher
(* changed & as a result prior versions of SCLister no longer work.)

SCLister puts Shoutcast mp3 streams just a mouse click away. If you listen to Shoutcast streams this plugin is a must.
Download SCLister (676 KB)


1. On/Off Toggle - Use Alt+H from Winamp to toggle SCLister's visibility. Alt+H is configurable, the default letter is H for SCLister v1.03. You can also use Winamp's menu as shown below:

2. Filters (Filter and Simple) - Use filters to narrow down your station choices. The SQL filter is more powerful, but the simple filter is just sooo damn SIMPLE.

3. Queue Stations - Now you can add a station to your playlist without missing a beat of your currently playing tunes. You can do this 3 ways: 1) right double click, 2) hit the Queue button , 3) press Ctrl+Q

4. Sort Columns - Just click a column's title to order it ascending... click it again for descending.

5. Auto Refresh List - You can have SCLister update your list every X hours. Of course, you can always manually refresh it by hitting the refresh button too.

6. Station Limit - No more 300 station limit, now you can choose how many stations you want to see!

7. Hide/Show Columns - You decide which columns you want to see. To hide a column, right click SCLister and select the desired column (see pic below).

8. Resize Columns - Resize the columns just like you do in Windows explorer.

9. Reorder Columns - Drag a column's title to rearrange the column order.
(i.e. To see Bitrate before Genre, either drag the Genre column right or drag the Bitrate column left)

Future Plans:

What can you expect in future versions? As usual, that depends on you...

Want future features? Got questions? Find a bug?
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