New* ShoutAmp v1.28 - General Plugin for Winamp
(* changed & as a result prior versions of ShoutAmp no longer work.)

That's not all... check out these creamy features:

1. International Language Support - You can see ShoutAmp in a language other than English (click here for a screen shot of Japanese) if you do the following things:
  • Change the Text Encoding. (see the 4th menu item in feature 5's pic below)
  • Change to a unicode font (see pic below) that supports your language. (click here if you need a unicode font)
  • You may also want to uncheck the 6th menu item in feature 5's pic below.

    2. Keyboard Shortcuts - Never touch your mouse again, use these handy keyboard shortcuts instead.

    3. Dockable - Dock to Winamp's main window, equalizer, playlist editor, or mini-browser.

    4. Skinned - ShoutAmp skins itself to match your Winamp skin.

    5. Toggle Size (1x/2x) - Press Ctrl+S while ShoutAmp is in focus or right click on the ShoutAmp window to toggle between 1x/2x sizes. The initial state of ShoutAmp is 2x as shown above, pictured below is the 1x size.

    6. Retrieve Station Info - Right click on a shoutcast station to display info about the station (see pic below):

    7. Show / Hide ShoutAmp - To hide ShoutAmp click the upper right corner of the ShoutAmp window or uncheck Winamp's menu as shown below. You can hide/show ShoutAmp using the keyboard too, using the shortcut Alt+C. Note about Alt+C: The letter C is the default, but you can associate a different letter with ShoutAmp if you wish (see the 1st menu item in feature 5's pic above).

    Future Plans:

    What can you expect in future versions? That depends on you...

    Want future features? Got questions 'bout ShoutAmp? Find a bug?
    Let us know about it on the Message Board.

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