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  • [06/13/2023] *UPDATE* SpinAmp v2.0 for QCD v3.22+ - It's back.... and better than ever (with SCLister style skinning). Happy Friday the 13th QCD users!
  • [05/23/20023] *UPDATE* SCLister v1.03 for QCD v3.22+ - Now SCLister for QCD can be skinned! The plugin contains 2 internal skins (a QCD 3.4x style skin & a QCD 3.5x style skin). Additional external skins can be installed and created.
  • [04/17/2023] *UPDATE* SpinAmp v2.66 for Winamp v2.6x - Fixed problem some people where having where they could not get channels. Fixed skin menu problem that shows up in Winamp 2.90. Added "Delete All Song Notes" option to Song Notes popup menu.... and more.
  • [01/07/2023] QCD Password Protector (includes Delphi source code) - Learn how to write a general purpose plugin for QCD!

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