Tara's Real Audio Input Plugin v1.0 for QCD v3.22 or higher
Tara's input plugin allows QCD to play real audio, real video, real jukebox, avi's, mpeg's, live rtsp/pnm streams like those from Spinner.com, and many other formats. Successfully tested with Real Player 6/7/8 on Win9x/NT/2K. Download Tara (70 KB)

* Real Player must be installed in order for this plugin to work. Real Player can be downloaded from the Tara installation or you can download Real Player here (recommended version of Real Player).


1. Real Audio - Supports all Real audio & video formats enabling them to be played in QCD.

2. Process Audio Through QCD - This means that QCD can save Real Audio files to wav format. It also means that QCD's visualization & dsp plugins are enabled.

3. Configurable File Types - The files types that QCD associates with this plugin can be changed via the configuration dialog. This should be easy to figure out from the screenshot below:

4. Video Window - Pictured below in all it's glory is the video window:

Future Plans:

Unfortunately, there are none...

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