Tara's Real Audio Input Plugin v1.0.3b for Winamp
Tara's input plugin allows Winamp to play real audio, real video, real jukebox, mpegs, live rtsp/pnm streams like those from Spinner.com & Radio@AOL, and many other formats. Successfully tested with Real Player 6/7/8/G2 on Win9x/ME/NT/2K/XP. 
Download Tara's Real Audio Input Plugin. (73 KB)

* You must have Real Player installed in order for this plugin to work. Download Real Player (recommended version of Real Player)

* In order to play Real Jukebox files (RMX), you also need Real Jukebox.


1. Real Audio - Supports all Real audio & video formats enabling them to be played in Winamp.

2. Process Audio Through Winamp - This means that Winamp can save Real Audio files to wav format (even RMX files). It also means that Winamp's EQ & Visualization/DSP/Output plugins are enabled. Sometimes processing audio through Winamp fails. In these situations, configure the audio to NOT process through Winamp. Once you select this option you can still play files, but Winamp's EQ & Visualization/DSP/Output plugins will not work.

3. Error Handling - If your connection is broken while playing a Real audio/video file, Tara automatically reconnects & begins from where it left off. Tara tries to reconnect 3 times, then it displays an error message. This reconnect feature can be disabled if you always want to display an error when/if it occurs (see picture above).

4. Skinnable - The next version of this plugin will skin itself using Winamp's current skin. Until then you can manually change the Video Window's skin to something you've created. The dimensions of the bitmap should be 300 x 255 pixels. The upper right 16 x 15 pixel border represents the various control buttons (close, minimize, maximize, and system menu). The lower right 15 x 15 pixel border is used for resizing. So create a bitmap which conforms to these dimensions and select the location from the configuration dialog box. The default skin is shown below:

5. Automatic CODEC Download - If a particular file type registered to this plugin is played for the first time (like AVI), the plugin automatically downloads the necessary codecs.

6. Configurable File Types - The files types that Winamp associates with this plugin can be changed via the tara.ini file, usually found here C:\Program Files\Winamp\tara.ini. Configuration should be easy to figure out from the screenshot of tara.ini shown below:

7. Video Resizing - Tara now remembers the last size used for the video window. You can also use keyboard shortcuts for resizing (for example, press CTRL+1 to return the video to its original size and CTRL+ENTER for full-screen).

8, 9, 10 etc. There are countless more features - What are you waiting for... find out for yourself. Download Tara's Real Audio Input Plugin. (73 KB)

Future Plans:

What can you expect in future versions? As usual, that depends on you...

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