Plugins require QCD Player v3.22 or higher

  • *UPDATE* SCLister v1.03 - The way Shoutcast was meant to be... no ads, no web pages, and every station is just a click away.
  • *NEW* QCD Password Protector (Delphi Sample) - Keep those kiddies out of your QCD... includes source code so that you too can write general purpose plugins for QCD.
  • *UPDATE* SpinAmp v2.0 - Brings music to QCD... oh yeah, that's the spot. Requires Tara's RA plugin (below).
  • Tara's Real Audio input plugin - Required to have QCD play Real Audio. Also plays AVI, MPG, and more.
  • Multiple DSP plugin - A DSP stacker that gives QCD the ability to use more than one DSP plugin at a time. And as far as I know it's the first DSP plugin written exclusively for QCD. * QCD v3.50 handles DSP stacking natively. So unless you have a prior version of QCD, you don't need this plugin (although you may want to see the source code).

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